Empire inlaid furniture, France has been one of the leading names in the industry for several decades. In fact, it has moved into new territory as one of Europe's leading furniture design houses. The empire has expanded to include furniture for hotel lobbies, conference rooms and private homes. The empire is well known for its quality finishes and fine furnishings.

Boulle inlaid furniture offers a wide range of choices in chairs and sofas. Empire in Boulle Marquetry chairs and sofas feature exceptional craftsmanship and superior fabrics that use high thread count fibres. This is combined with world famous empire designer chair fabrics. Empires products are designed for comfort, beauty and durability.

One of the most popular empire selections at Marqueterie is their Empire office chairs. These chairs are handcrafted with hardwood frames, hardwood legs and upholstered cushions. Empire office chairs are available in a variety of styles. They are elegant and offer a rich, classic look that will suit any decor.

The Empire dining chair is available in white, beige and black fabric. The fabric is extremely durable and is stain resistant, easy to clean and maintain. The chair has a full leather upholstered seat, with a rounded swivel back chair. The chair is made of sturdy steel. It has an iron frame and can be used sitting or standing. It comes with a matching ottoman that is removable and foldable for storage and travel.

The Empire dining sofa is also available in white, black and beige. It is made from robust leather. It has an iron frame and tufted, swivel rear castors. The sofa is very spacious and comfortable and will easily adapt to most decors.

An Empire dining chair and a white sofa are available in the Empire collection. These chairs and sofas are available in a variety of sizes and styles. Some of these sofas feature swivel castors and removable feet for smooth, practical movement. They have a low footrest and are perfect for tall people. These sofas also come with a matching ottoman.

Lounges are another selection from the Empire collection. The Empire lounges are available in black or white fabric and can be used as chaise longues or day lounges. The lounges have a low footrest and a strong wooden base. They have armrests for added comfort and are available in several different sizes. The arms of these loungers are slightly curved and can be used to enjoy a book while watching television.

The Empire buffet

Le buffet Empire en Marqueterie propose également une sélection d’ensembles de meubles restaurés. Les ensembles de salle à manger comprennent une table, quatre chaises dans un style antique ou de griffe et d’un buffet. Les tables sont en verre et les chaises sont tapissées dans un tissu imprimé floral doux. Les chaises ont un repose-pieds bas et une base solide et solide en bois, donnant ainsi la bonne stabilité du meuble.

A popular style of sofa in the Empire collection is the Empire armchair. This sofa has a thick, plush, cushioned back and comfortable seat for entertaining friends and family. The arms of the sofa have useful open styles when required. The Empire dining chair, in rich black, is another popular piece in this collection.

The Empire restaurant set is a popular choice for people who like to entertain a lot. Some people like to entertain their friends on a sofa and choose ball and chair sets to complement their style. The styles and colours of the Empire collection are appealing to most people. These ball and chair sets are reasonably priced, making them affordable for everyone.

Empire in Marquetry has furniture for every room in the house. People love the wide range of neutral colours available, including black, brown, cream and burgundy. This furniture is popular with many homeowners as it looks elegant in any home. The Empire collection offers a wide variety of styles for every room in the house. So you'll find an appropriate style to complement your taste and your home.